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We stop the potential customer bleeding of your business by applying the “emotional connection pathway,” a scientific marketing solution that has the power of telling incredible stories to your audience.

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Brand Story Video Series

A base of the strong story is key to success for any brand. Converting that story to animated production excels the rate by miles. We have proven this by producing several short animated films focusing solely on its benefits to save their potential customers money and energy. Our ongoing partnership with AAM provides complete digital marketing solutions to excel the brand within the moving and relocation sector.

Animated Educational Video Series

When about 20M people depend on the manufacturing sector in Bangladesh, many workers are not aware of the common hazards in a sweatshop due to lack of education. UK Aid partnered up with AnimationBD to create a dynamic poll system educating all workers through sets of questions. Each question will have a write and a wrong answer followed by a short animated cut scene. The result yields a 38% increased sense of knowledge among the workers within the first year.

Animated Educational Video Series

Animated educational videos teach not only individuals but also create an immense impact on society. It's about empowering women and addressing victims to stop violence in southeast Asia. The stories also teach the correct use of certain words that media and us in general use commonly.

Ad Animation

Addressing the issues and possible solutions in the shortest possible time only happens through well-constructed animated explainer videos. TattooWrap brand provides unique solutions to every tattoo artist to place gel adhesive that protects their clients' skin from scabs and infection and preserves new ink from avoiding smudge. Hence TTW partnered up with AnimationBD to create animated content.

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